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Precicut Plasma Cutting Machine

The Precicut plasma cutting machine is the third-generation plasma cutter of our company that is especially designed to process various kinds of medium-thickness plates, such as iron plates, galvanized plates, Ti-stainless steel plates, etc.

Our product boasts high cutting precision, fast cutting speed as well as smooth travelling process, and it also exhibits other features as demonstrated below.

1. This CNC cutting device makes use of two ball screws, two linear guides and two servo motors to deliver transmission, and the newly-developed industrial grade control system is especially designed for plasma cutters. In this way, speedy, precise and steady running is achieved, thus ensuring smooth cut and high processing precision.

2. The plasma cutting machine is outfitted with a Powermax series plasma power supply that is manufactured by Hypertherm, and this power supply is able to offer stable performance. So, our product is capable of continuous work for a long time.

3. The highly sensitive torch anti-collision system and the automatic torch height control (ATHC) system enable our cutting equipment to carry out precise cutting treatment for plates with different thicknesses, and the maximum cutting thickness could reach up to 6mm. Moreover, these two systems also eliminate the possibility of torch collision caused by misoperation, thus not only reducing machine down time, but also cutting down the maintenance cost.

4. Similar to other models, the Precicut plasma cutting machine is equipped with a unique ventilation device, a replaceable cutting table and a dross collector. These versatile devices could be changed according to actual working conditions to enhance the safety and reliability of our machine, and they also make our product clean and artistic.

Aside from the above, our customers could upgrade the working system of this plasma cutting machine for a lifetime, and this is completely free of charge.

Technical Data
Model PK-1330Y PK-1530Y
Max. travelling speed 600mm/s 600mm/s
Max. cutting speed 280mm/s 280mm/s
Min. cutting thickness 4mm 4mm
Max. cutting thickness 6mm 6mm
Plasma current 45A 45A
Overall dimensions 1790×3200×1460mm 2130×3200×1460mm
Max. stroke 1250×2450mm 1500×3050mm
Transmission Stepper and servo motors Stepper and servo motors
Torch height control Automatic digital adjustment
Total power consumption 6kW 6kW
Weight 480kg 580kg
Note: The technical data are subject to change without prior notice, and they are in accordance with our technical standard.

Processing Samples

  • Iron plate
  • Steel plate
  • Galvanized plate
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