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    1. Rapicut Plasma Cutting MachineOur product has a novel and artistic appearance, but more importantly, its cutting speed could reach up to as high as 280mm/s at the most, which in return significantly enhances the production efficiency and cuts down the production cost.
    1. Precicut Plasma Cutting Machine

      This CNC cutting device makes use of two ball screws, two linear guides and two servo motors to deliver transmission, and the newly-developed industrial grade control system is especially designed for plasma cutters. In this way, speedy, precise and steady running is achieved, thus ensuring smooth cut and high processing precision.

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Plasma Cutting Machine

The plasma cutting machine includes two series which are Rapicut and Precicut, and these high-speed CNC cutting devices are especially developed to deal with automobile parts, ship components, electric appliances, electromechanical products and advertising boards.

Our CNC plasma cutters are primarily applied to cut metal plates, and they are indispensable when making LED luminous characters.