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FurniMat CNC Woodworking Machine

The FurniMat CNC woodworking machine is a professional wood machining center that is capable of milling and sawing operations.

Our machine supports multi-step processing which means three different machining treatments could be carried out automatically if the work piece is clamped. For the Y axes, the dual ball screws, with DCG (driven at center of gravity) technology, realize high working precision and fast working speed which is as high as 30m/min. Additionally, this wood engraver also exhibits excellent positioning accuracy and high processing efficiency.

Our CNC woodworking machine fits for high-power engraving and milling operations, while the ability of working as a jigsaw to cut arbitrary curves is optional. This power tool is specifically designed for furniture and decoration industry, and it is commonly seen in the production of panel furniture, decorative ornament, etc.

Technical Data
Model Unit FM-1530Y FM-1325Y
Positioning accuracy mm ±0.05 ±0.05
Brushless main spindle motor kW 3.7 (4+saw) 3.7 (4+saw)
Max. main spindle speed rpm 18000 18000
Cutting tool diameter mm Ф6/8/10/12.7 Ф6/8/10/12.7
Max. travelling speed m/min 30 30
Table size mm 3400×1600 3200×1440
Max. stroke mm 1500×3000×180 1300×2500×180
Overall dimensions mm 3850×2570×1700 3760×2410×1700
Power supply V/Hz AC 380±10%/50 AC 380±10%/50
Total power kW 6 6
Weight kg 1500 1200

1. The power and quantity of main spindle and saw are available in different combinations.
2. The total power changes with the configuration of main spindle.
3. The technical data are subject to change without prior notice, and they are in accordance with our technical standard.

Processing Samples
Here are some patterns engraved on wooden doors by this CNC woodworking machine.

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