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Articut CNC Wood Engraving Machine

The Articut CNC wood engraving machine is a specialized wood engraver for high-quality rosewood. It makes use of our newly-developed Sai-O5 control system, and the unique control interface brings fresh feeling to operators.

This wood carving tool is characterized by convenient operation and high precision, while the maximum working speed could reach up to 18m/min which is two to three times faster than that of conventional wood engraver. So, this wood engraving machine is a perfect choice on the market now.

Technical Data
Model Unit AT-1315Y AT-1612Y
Positioning repeatability mm ±0.02 ±0.02
Spindle motor power W 4×1200 8×1200
Max. spindle speed rpm 24000 24000
Cutting tool diameter mm Ф3.175/4/6 Ф3.175/4/6
Max. engraving speed m/min 18 18
Working table size mm 1325×1520 1620×1220
Max. working area mm 1300×1500 1600×1200
Overall size mm 2700×1710×1460 2700×1900×1460
Power supply V/Hz AC 220±10%/50 AC 220±10%/50
Total power kW 6 12
Weight kg 780 850
Note: The technical data are subject to change without prior notice, and they are in accordance with our technical standard.

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