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Diva Engraving Machine

The Diva engraving machine is a high performance CNC engraver especially designed for high-end market, and it is widely applied to deal with high-end signage, acrylic board, metal plate, wood sculpture and other materials.

1. Equipped with our self-developed digital control system (DSC), the CNC machining center has a novel and fashionable look, and the buttons are comfortable enough to bring extra joy when working. The 7-inch true color high definition wide LCD display offers true-to-life images, and it is extremely easy for the operator to check out data revealed on the screen. Additionally, the machine body is fabricated through casting process to ensure its excellent rigidity.

2. The engraving machine makes use of ball screw, linear guide and servo motor to guarantee high working speed, good positioning accuracy as well as smooth cut surface on the finished work piece.

3. The optimized algorithm control software is built-in to make our product work smoother and faster with reduced vibration, thus greatly improving the machining precision and efficiency.

4. Our CNC router offers many expert modes, such as relief engraving mode and name tag mode, and users could use these modes directly to ease processing operations. On the other hand, users are allowed to set processing parameters at various values according to practical needs, and several groups of such kind of data can be saved. As a result, users won’t be bothered with repeated parameter setting process when recurring cutting sequences are required, thus eliminating possible mistakes generated during parameter setting.

5. This engraving machine has oblique cutting function which makes the edge of workpiece in a good state after machining. Moreover, it also realizes matrix processing, symmetrical machining, scan processing, hole drilling as well as other advanced functions, and users could carry out programming process on this machine directly.

6. Our routing machine possesses good software compatibility, and it supports USB 2.0 flash drive to realize fast data storage. The Ethernet communication interface facilitates file transmission with PC, and the built-in high-capacity memory is designed to save these files. So, working efficiency is enhanced.

7. Diva series engraving machine can be outfitted with multiple spindles and workstations in order to carry out several cutting sequences simultaneously, such as 2-spindle 2-sequence, 4-spindle 4-sequence, etc. In this way, automatic tool changing and high working efficiency are both achieved.

In addition, every authorized customer could download corresponding software on our website free of charge to upgrade the control system.

Technical Data
Model Unit DP-6590 DP-1212 DP-1325
Positioning accuracy mm ±0.02 ±0.02 ±0.03
Main spindle motor W 2200 2200 2200
Max. spindle speed rpm 24000 24000 24000
Cutting tool diameter mm Ф3.175/4/6/8 Ф3.175/4/6/8 Ф3.175/4/6/8
Max. moving speed m/min 25 25 25
Working table size mm 720×1000 1360×1300 1360×3030
Max. working area mm 650×900×110 1200×1200×110 1300×2500×110
Overall dimensions mm 1190×1760×1520 1830×2160×1880 1820×3030×1465
Power supply V/Hz AC 220±10%/50 AC 220±10%/50 AC 220±10%/50
Total power kW 2.5 3 3
Weight kg 700 900 1200
1. The working table of DP1325 is made from Al, while the other two models’ tables are manufactured by cast iron.
2. The technical data are subject to change without prior notice, and they are in accordance with our technical standard.

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