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Allegretto Engraving Machine

The Allegretto engraving machine is a small benchtop cutting machine, and it offers cost-effective solutions when engraving ABS, labels, nameplates, small artware, organic glass, building models, printed circuit boards and PVC foam sheets.

1. For this CNC engraver, the main spindle is powered by our newly-developed high-speed brushless DC motor, and the entire product is characterized by small size, light weight, big power, fast spindle speed, etc. For example, the machine weight is only 92kg, and the main spindle speed could reach up to 16000rpm. When it comes to machine size, AG-6260Y only measures 980mm in length, 980mm in width and 560mm in height.

2. Our engraving machine offers different working modes, such as arc cutting, linear cutting, oblique cutting, breakpoint restarting and more, thus making our product applicable for conditions where good machining result is required.

3. The integrated CNC control box is compatible with USB flash drive. Moreover, the Ethernet communication interface makes it very easy to transmit or receive files with PC, thereby alleviating operational work.

For our engraving machines, remote upgrade can be achieved easily with the help of Internet, and this is completely free.

Technical Data
Model Unit AG-6260Y AG-6212Y
Positioning accuracy mm ±0.02 ±0.02
Variable frequency spindle motor W 100 100
Max. main spindle speed rpm 16000 16000
Cutting tool diameter mm Ф3.175 Ф3.175
Max. moving speed m/min 6 6
Table size mm 850×640 1650×640
Max. stroke mm 620×600×80 620×1200×80
Overall dimensions mm 980×980×560 1780×980×520
Power supply V/Hz AC 220±10%/50 AC 220±10%/50
Total power kW 1 1
Weight 92 92 92
Note: The technical data are subject to change without prior notice, and they are in accordance with our technical standard.

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