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    1. Camaro Engraving Machine

      This sign engraving tool has an upscale look, but what makes itself stand out from numerous competitors is its fast moving speed and high positioning accuracy.

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    1. Avant Garde Engraving MachineThe control system provides operators with different working modes, such as oblique cutting mode, memory cutting mode (after power outage), constant surface speed mode, arbitrary cutting sequence mode, planar engraving mode, relief engraving mode, expert mode, etc.
    1. Diva Engraving MachineOur CNC router offers many expert modes, such as relief engraving mode and name tag mode, and users could use these modes directly to ease processing operations. On the other hand, users are allowed to set processing parameters at various values according to practical needs
    1. Allegretto Engraving MachineFor this CNC engraver, the main spindle is powered by our newly-developed high-speed brushless DC motor, and the entire product is characterized by small size, light weight, big power, fast spindle speed, etc. For example, the machine weight is only 92kg, and the main spindle speed could reach up to 16000rpm.

Engraving Machine

Our engraving machines are featured products for advertising industry, and they are divided into four series which are Camaro, Diva, Allegretto and Avant Garde to fit for different applications. These tools are typically used to engrave or cut organic glass, wood board, double-color board, expanded PVC foam board and other materials.

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