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Mold Engraving Machine

The MEII-2212 mold engraving machine has been released to market for many years, and it is widely considered to be a highly cost-effective metal mold engraver.

1. Our CNC engraver has a compact structure, and its size only measures 870×730×1480mm in total. However, it could machine small molds and specialized workpieces (buttons, stamps, etc.), and it is also capable of cylinder engraving.

2. The high precision index plate is introduced from France, and it ensures high cylinder engraving precision.

3. The single column structure enables our mold engraving machine to operate steadily, thus maintaining high positioning and engraving accuracy which will otherwise get deteriorated as a result of vibration.

4. This mechanical engraving equipment is outfitted with ball screws that are originally manufactured in Germany, and it also has a microstepping drive system. As a result, precise engraving is no longer unachievable.

5. For this mold engraving machine, the 1.5kW water-cooled main spindle motor features low noise and high speed, and this makes it possible to use a cutting tool, whose diameter is only 0.1mm, to engrave on hard materials.

Technical Data
Model MEII-2212 Unit
Positioning accuracy ±0.05 mm
Variable frequency main spindle motor 1500 W
Max. main spindle speed 24000 rpm
Cutting tool diameter Ф3.175/4/6 mm
Max. moving speed 3.6/8 m/min
Table size 220×240 mm
Max. stroke 200×100×90 mm
Overall dimensions 870×730×1480 mm
Power supply AC 220±10%/50 V/Hz
Total power 2.0/2.5 kW
Weight 250 kg
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