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Mold Engraving Machine

The MEII-4840 mold engraving machine was released to market in the year of 2008, and it is a trustworthy CNC engraver with high price/performance ratio.

Features and Applications
1. The machine body is of rigid gantry structure with double columns, while the ball screws, linear guides and full-digital AC servo motor are all introduced from other countries to maintain high machining precision which may be affected by vibration when running. In addition, these imported components also exhibit sufficient rigidity and precision required for mold engraving job.

2. The Z axis is provided with a pneumatic balancing system to ensure steady working, and the 4.5kW variable frequency main spindle motor offers higher cutting power. So, our mold engraving machine is especially suitable for brass dies and steel dies, such ahs cold-punching dies, doming molds, injection molds, etc.

Technical Data
Model MEII-4840 Unit
Positioning accuracy ±0.02/300 mm
Variable frequency main spindle motor 4500 W
Max. main spindle speed 18000 rpm
Cutting tool diameter Ф3.175/4/6/12.7 mm
Max. moving speed 10 m/min
Table size 540×435 mm
Max. stroke 480×400×200 mm
Overall dimensions 1500×1500×1900 mm
Power supply AC 380±10%/50 V/Hz
Total power 9 kW
Weight 1500 kg

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