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    1. MEII-2212 Mold Engraving MachineOur CNC engraver has a compact structure, and its size only measures 870×730×1480mm in total. However, it could machine small molds and specialized workpieces (buttons, stamps, etc.), and it is also capable of cylinder engraving.
    1. MEII-4242 Mold Engraving MachineOur CNC engraving equipment makes use of German ball screws, high-quality linear guides, dual-core CPU based control system, microstepping drive system and 1.5kW variable frequency main spindle motor to totally meet the requirements of common mold engraving.
    1. MEII-4840 Mold Engraving MachineThe Z axis is provided with a pneumatic balancing system to ensure steady working, and the 4.5kW variable frequency main spindle motor offers higher cutting power. So, our mold engraving machine is especially suitable for brass dies and steel dies, such ahs cold-punching dies, doming molds, injection molds
    1. SE1010 Mold Engraving MachineOur machine has a high positioning accuracy of ±0.05mm, and it is especially suitable for making small molds and specialized work pieces, such as buttons, stamps, steel molds and so on.
    1. SE3230 Mold Engraving MachineVarious processing parameters can be set according to practical applications to help users conduct engraving jobs in a smooth, fast and steady way. Moreover, oblique cutting mode, break-point memory function and other working modes will bring great convenience during operation.

Mold Engraving Machine

The mold engraving machine is especially designed for mold making and metal processing industries. It is universally applied to fabricate electrodes, doming molds, creasing plates, hot-stamping dies, cold-punching dies, etc.

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