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Key Cutting Machine

The HD-418 key cutting machine is a high precision 4-axis drilling machine used to drill holes on lock cases and fabricate various kinds of keys. It consists of semi-automatic feeder, air cylinder, clamping device and adjusting device.

1. Based on the length of lock case, the feeder uses adjusting device to obtain the best feeding status.

2. The mechanical part adopts German ball screws, imported linear guides and high precision main spindles. Accordingly, the drilling precision is as high as ±0.1mm, and the main spindle speed is 2500rpm.

3. For this key cutting machine, the control system makes use of industrial-grade embedded 32-bit RISC microprocessor for the purpose of higher processing speed, thereby improving production efficiency to a large extent.

4. The key making machine has a large LCD screen to reveal processing parameters and working status clearly, thus offering evidence for production management.

5. There is a UBS port used to copy data, and the built-in large-capacity flash memory makes our key machine work normally without the help of PC.

Technical Data
Model HD-418 Unit
Drilling precision ±0.1 mm
3-phase asynchronous motor for main spindle 2200×4 W
Drilling spindle speed 2500 rpm
Drilling diameter Ø12.7 mm
Max. drilling depth 60 mm
Overall dimensions 2000×800×1250 mm
Power supply AC 380±10%/50 V/Hz
Power consumption 10 kW
Weight 500 kg
Power 2 kW
Weight 500 kg
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