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Key Cutting Machine

The VMK-0808 key cutting machine fits for making tumbler holes, internal and external tooth, wavy groove, hole-groove combination, slot combination as well as lock cylinder. The CAD designed compact structure allows fully use of the space in a lockset factory, and the corresponding production line can be set up easily.

1. Our CNC key making machine has an embedded 32-bit RISC microprocessor, so the control system possesses higher data processing speed. Accordingly, much higher production efficiency is achieved.

2. There are two motorized spindles whose rotation speed could reach up to as high as 24000rpm, and stepless VFD technology is also adopted. Thus, finished keys have smooth surface and dimensional accuracy. In addition, lower noise level is also obtained.

3. Thanks to the built-in program, on-site programming is very convenient, and machining process can be carried out step by step rather than as a whole. Moreover, pneumatic clamping device and foot switch help users out from complicated operation, and this key cutting machine would output 5000 pieces of common 6-pin keys at least. Additionally, the software and clamping device could be changed to fit for other applications.

4. With our online coding system, one engraving machine could engrave corresponding code number while producing keys. Moreover, our cutting machine uses photoelectric barcode scanner to recognize barcode, and then processes keys.

Technical Data
Positioning accuracy ±0.03 mm
Variable frequency main spindle motor 800×2 W
Max. main spindle speed 24000 rpm
Cutting tool diameter Ф3.175/4/6 mm
Max. moving speed 4 m/min
Table size 155×155 mm
Max. stroke 100×100×80 mm
Overall dimensions 800×600×1350 mm
Power supply AC 220±10%/50 V/Hz
Power consumption 2 kW
Weight 125 kg
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