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    1. VMK-0088 Key Cutting MachineOur key making machine is fitted with two motorized spindles with maximum speed of 24000rpm, and the implementation of stepless variable frequency speed regulation significantly improves machining precision and product smoothness.
    1. VMK-0808 Key Cutting Machine

      The VMK-0808 key cutting machine fits for making tumbler holes, internal and external tooth, wavy groove, hole-groove combination, slot combination as well as lock cylinder.

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    1. VMK-3230 Key Cutting MachineThis key making machine has four axes including two Z axes, and two main spindles could work either simultaneously or respectively. When they work at the same time, our machine can produce dimple keys, internal cut keys, single or double sided keys with sharp or flat tooth, etc.
    1. VMK-4016 Key Cutting MachineThe VMK-4016 key cutting machine is a CNC key processing machine used to make tooth-shaped and S-shaped keys. It adopts full-digital servo drive, and it is equipped with many kinds of auto or semi-auto pneumatic clamping devices. So, it could rapidly fabricate keys for offices, bathrooms and other places.
    1. VRK-1080 Key Cutting MachineOur key making machine is able to machine several faces after the key is clamped, and it boasts flexible use, high precision and fast working speed. In general, this key cutting machine particularly fits for the machining process of high-end keys and lock cylinders.
    1. HD-418 Key Cutting MachineThe mechanical part adopts German ball screws, imported linear guides and high precision main spindles. Accordingly, the drilling precision is as high as ±0.1mm, and the main spindle speed is 2500rpm.

CNC Key Cutting Machine

The CNC key cutting machines are commonly applied to make various kind of car keys, safe box keys, special keys, lock sets, lock cylinders, lock cases, etc. It reduces labor cost and improves production efficiency, making it a perfect choice for lockset manufacturing plants.

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