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4 Axis CNC Cutting Machine

The 4 axis CNC cutting machine is a multi-functional CNC cutter designed on the basis of our years of professional research. It is equipped with high-speed vibration vector cutter to deliver satisfying cutting performance when dealing with leather, cardboard, seal ring, rubber sheet, corrugated sheet, foam board, ABS sheet, PVC foam board, thin wood board, etc. In addition, rolling blade, punching blade, drawing pen, injector and other devices are optional.

1. Due to the implementation of vibration cutting technology, cutting die is no longer necessary, thus saving time and money needed for making, managing and storing cutting dies. Thanks to this CNC cutting machine, skilled workers are not a limitation anymore.

2. Multiple groups of cutting tools are highly integrated to allow simultaneous execution of several cutting sequences freely, and all the machining jobs are finished in a short time after the workpiece is clamped. Hence, less working time is required. In addition, one clamping operation is enough.

3. Our CNC cutting machine realizes high cutting precision, and it is capable of pattern cutting which is unattainable for cutting dies. So, new patterns, that are hard to copy by manual cutting process, are provided.

4. The mechanical cutting tool uses self-developed CAD/CAM to modify patterns, and this is helpful in reducing development time. Moreover, the Sai-O5 CNC system is characterized by unique data interface, advanced control algorithm and diverse operational functions, thus ensuring both convenient operation and good cutting result.

5. This profile cutting equipment adopts laser or CCD based vision system for the purpose of accurate positioning, and toolpath is rotated or adjusted automatically.

6. Our CNC cutting machine could cut or engrave on wood, aluminum, acrylic and other hard materials.

Technical Data
Model MC-2513Y MC-1208Y Unit
Positioning accuracy ±0.05 ±0.05 mm
Variable frequency main spindle motor 1500 800 W
Max. main spindle speed 24000 24000 rpm
Cutting tool diameter Ф3.175/6 Ф3.175/6 mm
Cutting tool High speed vibration vector cutter -
Max. moving speed 24 24 m/min
Overall dimensions 3030×2200×1360 1940×1280×1300 mm
Cutting area 2500×1300 1200×800 mm
Power supply AC 220±10%/50 AC 220±10%/50 V/Hz
Vacuum suction table 6 sections 2 sections -
Weight 850 380 kg

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