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UV Flatbed Printer

The ViteJet series UV flatbed printer is a new type of color inkjet printer, and we have gained corresponding intellectual property. Our product exhibits many outstanding features as illustrated below.

1. This inkjet printing device makes use of SEIKO SPT150 (SPT1020/SPT508) printhead, and the maximum print resolution reaches up to 360×1440dpi with perfect color saturation.

2. The Y axis has dual ball screws to deliver steady and accurate transmission, and the working table is coated with PTFE to ensure its smoothness, cleanness and abrasion resistance. Along with the adjustable Z axis, our flatbed digital printer is especially suitable for boards with a wide range of thickness.

3. As indicated by its name, the UV flatbed printer is outfitted with a self-developed intelligent UV lamp, and the luminous flux is automatically controlled while the power is adjustable, thus delivering energy-saving and eco-friendly performance.

Technical Data
Model VJ-1325Y VJ-2512Y Unit
Printing method Piezoelectric drop-on-demand -
Printhead No. 4~16 pcs
Printhead model SEIKO SPT150 (SPT1020/SPT508) -
Print mode 2/3/4/6/8 pass
Print resolution 180×540, 180×360, 240×360, 240×540, 240×720, 240×1080, 240×1440, 360×360, 360×540, 360×720, 360×1080, 360×1440 240×1440, 360×1080, 360×1440 dpi
Print speed 30m2/h for 2-pass mode, 25m2/h for 3-pass mode, 15m2/h for 4-pass mode, 10m2/h for 6-pass mode, 7m2/h for 8-pass mode
Material feed method Vacuum absorption work table -
Colors C, M, Y, K or C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm -
Image format TIFF, JPEG, Postscript3, EPS, PDF -
Max. print area 1300×2500 2500×1300 mm
Applicable base material Glass, ceramic, plastic, fabric, wallpaper, brick, stone, wood board, organic board, corrugated board, foam board, metal plate, aluminum composite board, etc. -
Max. base material thickness 100 100 mm
External dimensions 3750×1775×1400 mm
Weight 600 kg

Processing Samples
Our UV flatbed printer is able to print vivid images on various boards, and here are some samples.

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