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CNC Engraving Machine with Polished Effect

The XP-1212 CNC engraving machine with polished effect is a professional CNC engraver released in 2012, and it is designed to manufacture high-end signage in a fast and efficient way. Our product shows excellent perpendicularity and flatness, and it is suitable for acrylic materials and curved embossed signs.

1. The machine body is completely fabricated from cast iron, and the steady structure reduces vibration when working. So, higher machining precision is attainable.

2. This metal engraver uses linear guide and digital servo drive, while Sai-O5 control system, which is newly-developed on the basis of our years of experience in engraving industry, serves as the CNC system. Our machine has a dual-core processor, and an intelligent look-ahead speed control algorithm is also adopted.

3. Our CNC engraving machine has three main spindles to carry out three cutting sequences at the same time, and this is the standard configuration. However, other customized configurations are provided upon request, such as jig saw, etc. Depending on the requirements of specific application, the main spindles can be programmed to execute different operations so as to finish all the processing steps quickly and precisely.

4. Before delivery, every single set of CNC engraving machines are strictly tested by imported laser distance meters, and calibration is a must.

Technical Data
Model XP-1212 Unit
Positioning accuracy ±0.02 mm
Variable frequency main spindle motor 3 ×1200 W
Max. main spindle speed 24000 rpm
Cutting tool diameter Ф3.175/4/6 mm
Max. moving speed 25 m/min
Table size 1360 ×1300 mm
Max. stroke 1200 ×1200 × 110 mm
Overall dimensions 1830 ×1750 ×1370 mm
Power supply AC 220 ±10%/50 V/Hz
Total consumption 3 kW
Weight 1000 kg

Note: The technical data are subject to change without prior notice, and they are in accordance with our technical standard.

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