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    1. 4 Axis CNC Cutting MachineMultiple groups of cutting tools are highly integrated to allow simultaneous execution of several cutting sequences freely, and all the machining jobs are finished in a short time after the workpiece is clamped. Hence, less working time is required.
    1. UV Flatbed PrinterThe Y axis has dual ball screws to deliver steady and accurate transmission, and the working table is coated with PTFE to ensure its smoothness, cleanness and abrasion resistance. Along with the adjustable Z axis, our flatbed digital printer is especially suitable for boards with a wide range of thickness.
    1. CNC Tapping MachineAccording to specific processing requirements, users could set tapping turns, retraction turns as well as depth compensation, and users could also regulate tapping speed including feed speed and return speed, thus maximizing cutter’s service life, final machining result and tapping efficiency.
    1. CNC Grooving MachineAs we know, different letters have different bending directions, but our CNC bender automatically distinguishes the differences between inward folding and outward folding, and the grooving width or depth is also adjusted accordingly, thus offering outstanding bending result.
    1. Fiber Laser Cutting MachineThe fiber laser machine adopts modular redundancy design, and there is no optical lens inside the resonant cavity. Hence, start time is not needed, and this highly stable machine also avoids the necessity of adjustment and maintenance.
    1. Foam Cutting MachineThis product is characterized by novel design, simple operation, steady cutting, high precision, flexible use and wide processing range, making it the perfect choice for foam-involved jobs, such as advertising sign, stage scene, pipeline insulation, construction industry, lost foam casting process, etc.
    1. Double Head CNC Engraving MachineOur machine will carry out machining operation after automatic positioning is conducted, and the high-power main spindle makes it capable of processing various materials easily. This numerically controlled engraving equipment adopts dual ball screws for Y axis, thus combining the advantages of high precision and fast speed together.

Special CNC Machine

The special CNC machines are available in several models, and they are designed to meet special needs in different industries.

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